Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dale Klemme Wednesday on Health Care and Women's Issues

Dale Klemme is running for State Assembly (District 96) and has a firm commitment to making health care affordable and accessible to all Wisconsin citizens.


He believes any discussion of health care reform and ensuring comprehensive health care needs to include women's health. We must ensure that women of all ages, from young girls, to women of childbearing age, to older women have access to the type of specific health care they need, regardless of income or employment. Here are more of his views on the subject from his position_paper:

We can find an affordable health care program that will provide coverage to every Wisconsin resident. To do so, it will take courageous individuals who will stand up to the powerful forces of lobbyists and institutions with virtually unlimited money and whose primary objective is to ‘preserve the status quo’ or ‘don’t rock the boat.’ As voters, you don’t send people to Madison to deal with the easy issues. You send them there to solve the real issues, concerns that are truly life or death.

In the last 10 months we have seen some serious discussion on this matter, after virtual silence for the prior 10 years. I stand for discussion and dialogue until the problem is solved.

Dale understands this will take time and negotiation, but he is on the right side of the issue and willing to put the hard work and time into making a solution for the good of the State and its people. He sees this as tax relief, economic development and clearly a priority of the people in this District.