Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barack Obama Thursday Issues Health Care and Women's Issues

The issue evening at HQ went very well Wednesday night--about 15 people came to talk about women's issues and our health care crisis. We were concerned about equal pay for equal work so women who are heading up a family can have a good quality of life and healthy children. People spoke about raising the minimum wage to help working families, and providing health care coverage that is affordable to all. We were concerned about keeping abortions safe, available and a rare thing. Planned Parenthood was mentioned as a positive group that provides education and health care to keep unwanted pregnancies from happening. And finally stopping violence against women in families, the workplace, and military was seen as a pressing need.

Broadly, the group valued how much women contribute to families and the community--we provide much of the hidden work that won't show up in the GDP and so often doesn't get counted. This is work critical to the successful function of families and communities.

Barack Obama agrees with our concerns and has the right plan for making women's lives more prosperous, secure, and empowered. His full issue paper on health care is available here and see his whole program on women's issues by clicking here.

For a brief summary of his positions, click the "Read More" link.

Women's issues are many in Barack Obama's plan for America. He sees the connection between the health care crisis and the effects on women who are more likely than men to delay or not get medical care. His plan recognizes the quadrupling of HIV/AIDs among women during the past 20 years. He supports the unique research needed to examine gender and health disparities in treatments and types of research.

Barack Obama supports the right to choose, and also will put resources into preventing unintended pregnancies. He has a strong concern for domestic violence and will strengthen programs for women and laws to ensure the safety of women.

Another concern is getting pay equity for women for equal work. He will support women-owned businesses, and promote women pursuing education in math and science. He also supports a raise of the minimum wage.