Friday, September 12, 2008

A Look at the Polls for Obama

It always amazes that Wisconsin, that has such terrific Democratic leadership in the Governor position and two outstanding Democratic Senators can be close in the Presidential race. But alas, we are again in a tight race. If you like tracking polls, then click over to that has daily updates, an interactive national map, and historical data from other races. Here_is_the_link to the latest Wisconsin data.

We have work to do. If you have the time, please help with going door to door for our candidates, or spend some time at the Vernon County fairgrounds booth this weekend. Call the office for more information (details are at the top of this webpage.)

Some good news from, of all places, Omaha Nebraska is reported in the DailyKos by Paul Delehanty about the opening of a HQ there. All told 700-900 showed up...