Friday, August 22, 2008

Young Dems Doing Their Part

It is so great to see young people engaged in this election--Emily our HQ manager is a great example. It is mostly their future so let's value their voice. The "Drexel Dems"-- college Democratic movers at Drexel University in NYC--provide another youth inspired story. When they got their school organization materials they had a surprise this fall. They are sharing college office space with the Young Republicans. The Republican youth have moved in already and put their best foot forward with posters about rallying against Islamo-Facism. So how should the Dems decorate?... they have come up with a few ideas. Here's one I think is pretty effective:

They have a great collection_of_posters, and a poll to get input on this important decision. Go cast your vote for their best posters and get some ideas from these talented young folks who obviously can hold their own in cramped quarters. Pass the link to this to your email lists to spread the insights and inspiration around. Good Job Drexel Dems!