Friday, June 27, 2008

Benefit Concert July 2

Tom Neilson, the Jon Stewart of folk music will be playing on Wednesday, July 2nd at 7:30 p.m. for a benefit concert for Asbury Ridge Community for Hope (ARCH) and People for Harmony Opposed to Pollution for the Environment (HOPE), Don't Dump On Us.

Picture in Tom Neilson-2.doc

Neilson will be performing in the Dahl Pharmacy building, 210 South Main St., Viroqua. Neilson, a celebrated children's performer, will also perform at a children's concert at 4 p.m. on July 3rd in the Dahl Pharmacy Building.

Born on an upstate NY dairy farm, Tom provides a voice for all those who believe in the power of folk music to affect change. His award-winning songs of humor, compassion, and political affairs have been performed in 19 countries on 5 continents. His lyrics are celebrated for their sophistication, political astuteness, and wit. His songs have been used in environmental

documentaries as he tells the stories of people's struggles against greed and violence, interjecting a good deal of levity along the way. "Steve Colbert has inspired me", said Neilson.

"Politically cutting-edge, incisive, warm, & very funny; Raucous political satire &, quick wit had everyone laughing & engaged." Cathy Gilbert, Miami Dade Green Party

"A coming together of Phil Ochs and Tom Lehrer," Nick DiBiasio, WICN-FM, Worcester, MA

"Creative & compelling; skewers the outrageous behavior of the greedy & powerful in corporations, the media, & government." Ray Korona, People's Voice Café Collective, New York City. "He does a great job of reminding people of what is really important, and the power of folk music to say it." Michael Stock, WLRN, Miami, FL