Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Syttende Mai Parade and Meet the Candidates!

Dear Friends,

We have a great opportunity to improve our government this fall. Electing very progressive representatives is within our grasp. Dale Klemme of Prairie du Chien is running for state assembly in our district -- the 96th. Tara Johnson of West Salem is running in our state senate district -- the 32nd. And Barack Obama has all but clinched the nomination to run for president.

What can you do to help these progressive people take the place of the regressive people now holding those seats? There will be many opportunities before November. First, please consider giving these candidates serious money early in the season. Tell them what message you want them to support with that money. $50 or $100 a couple times is not too much to ask. These people are putting their lives on the line for you. Support them.

Please go out of your way to meet Dale and Tara. Get to know them and make opportunities for them to meet your friends and neighbors. When you know them personally you can recommend them; and they will ask for your help and you can show them what is important to you and the people you know.

Creating visibility for our candidates and our issues is essential. This Sunday we have the opportunity to show our presence in Westby at the Syttende Mai Parade. Please come and walk with us. Show the people of Westby and the surrounding communities that the progressive cause is strong and Dale and Tara are leading us. It will make a difference. Spend a couple hours. Meet our candidates. Draw attention to our strength and readiness.

Syttende Mai Parade on Sunday, May 18th. The Parade begins at 1:30. Democrats will meet at Lions Park Shelter at Davidson Park before 1:00. Parades are fun and being in them is the best.

Please pass this notice along and ask a friend to come and join us. Thanks,

David Ebbert